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 The Shadow....part 2

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PostSubject: The Shadow....part 2   The Shadow....part 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 24, 2007 5:53 pm

The Shadow....part 2

all characters within are fictional


Breakfast was good, the eggs were just perfect and my coffee strong and black,
I flicked over to the next page of the file, ah Ricardo aka the Shadow due to
his ability of always managing to slip into the darkness. Thirty one years old,
caucasian, five foot six, athletic build with mousy brown hair,
not unlike many others except he had a distinguishing scar, running from the bridge
of his nose to the left hand corner of his lips. Fortunately dna tests had led us to him.
Milly came over "can I get you anything else sir"?she asked. "Another coffee please" I replied,
and watched her walk away, cute wiggle.
I read on, wanted across three states for the murder of seven females, all aged between
eighteen and twenty five, all pretty and all now no longer alive. I would get this scum.
Milly arrived with my coffee and a smile, I smiled back and said "thank you" as she left
and went to the table behind me. I turned the page again, it was going to be a long day.
Karen Clark, victim number one, age twenty two, long blonde hair, five foot three and
slim build. She worked in a florist shop, outgoing personality and always smiling.
Reported missing after failing to turn up for work after three days, it was so unlike her.
Her body was discovered two days later in an alleyway only two blocks from her work,
she was under a pile of trash. She had been strangled until unconcious before having
her throat slashed, there was no appearance of rape and nothing was taken. Her bag
and purse both still intact next to her body.
Next was Judy Anderson, age nineteen, brunette with shoulder length hair, five foot one
and average build. By day she went to university and by night worked in a local bar
to help make ends meet. She was found in the park that she had to go through
to get to her apartment. She had been punched in the face before having her throat cut.
Again nothing was missing and no sign of rape. A pattern was developing.
Victim number three. Emma Bosworth, age twenty four, fiery red head with green eyes,
petit only four foot eight and a build to match. She worked as a bank clerkess, was
popular with all the customers. She never arrived home from her work, her anxious
parents called, she was always home by six thirty. She was found near the coach station,
a single stab wound to her throat, again no signs of sexual abuse and nothing missing.
I needed another coffee, "Milly" I shouted and over she came. "Another coffee sir "
she asked. "Yes please" I replied. Although brought up in care since being orphaned at birth
I believed manners cost nothing. Abandoned at birth, I was left in a damp stores
doorway, but I never ask why. Milly arrived with my third coffee, ah caffienne, my
down fall, amongst a few others.
I turned the page once more. Mary Blackwood age twenty three, short mousy brown hair,
five foot six and slender build. She was a hooker reported missing by her roomate
after failing to appear home after a week. She had been found at the docks the
day she was reported missing. Her body had been violently slashed several times
and her throat slit, we couldn't rule out sexual abuse.
The fifth victim. Louise Davenport age eighteen. Five foot ten, long black hair
and athletic build.She was meant to meet her friends for a night out but never
made it. Her body was found in the yard of a warehouse, she had several slashes
to her arms, by what looked like defending herself and a single stab wound in
her neck. Yet once more nothing was missing but this time she had been raped.
I sipped my coffee and noticed Milly hovering nearby, cute I thought.
I turned another page. Sandie Faris age twenty five, victim number six.
Shoulder lenght blonde hair cut in a bob, five foot five and slightly plump.
She worked in a hardware store and kept herself to herself. Neighbours had
reported her dog barking and whining. She was on the floor, her nose broken
by a violent punch and her throat slit from ear to ear. Nothing was disturbed
and again no sexual abuse. My coffee tasted good although cold, I sipped some more.
The last victim. Alice Greenshield age twenty. Very pretty, shoulder length dark brown hair,
five foot four and slim built. She was training to be a beautician, outgoing,
bubbly, always laughing and joking. She was found at the bottom of a stairwell
in the campus where she stayed, Her body covered in bruises, raped then her
throat violently slashed. The last page in the file was a summary.
All the victims died from neck wounds, two were raped and a third
we couldn't be sure about, no items were stolen and it appears that
the victims were chosen at random. The last line simply read good luck Bob.
I closed the file, drank the last of my coffee, stood up and said thanks
to Milly, cute, quaint looking Milly, I could get used to breakfast here.
I left the cafe, got into my car and headed back to my motel room. I had
things to think over.

...... to be continued

An Eye For An Eye Only Makes The World Blind

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The Shadow....part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Shadow....part 2   The Shadow....part 2 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 31, 2007 3:41 pm

flowed good
very discriptive.
Excellent job James.
Loving the story line.
Roses to you

Smiles Chase away the Tears
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The Shadow....part 2
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