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 The Shadow....part5

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PostSubject: The Shadow....part5   The Shadow....part5 Icon_minitimeTue Aug 28, 2007 8:25 pm

The Shadow....part5

Dining Out

We drove for twentyfive minutes, chat was small if there was chat at all, I had
became lost for words, unlike me. Maybe dinner would help. "It's on the left just
after this cross road" Milly suddenly said. I wondered what she had been thinking on
the way here. I took a left and drew into the parking lot of the resturant, Oak
Heaven it was called, a brilliantly whitewashed exterior, large oak framed bay windows with
flowing tied back deep purple curtains on them. We went up the well maintained stairs,
they were spotless and I pulled open the arch oak door, holding it for Milly to
enter first. We were greeted by a smartly dressed waiter, "a table for two sir"?
and he lead us through the busy restuarant to a smallish table near the back.
This was an exquisite place, a plush deep purple carpet dotted with lighter purple diamonds
swept it's way throughout, heavy oak beams lined the ceiling, supported by oak pillars,
rich mahogany tables placed about uniformly and surrounded by high back ebony framed
purple velvet chairs. matching purple place mats adorned the tables and a simple but effect
flower arrangement in the middle. Three sparkling crystal chandaliers provided the subdued
lighting. We sat down and proceeded to look at the drinks list, I asked Milly what she
would like to drink. "A white wine please" she replied. i beckoned the waiter over and
ordered a bottle of Estancia Chardonnay and a glass of soda water, well I was driving.
We looked looked at the menu, a price to suit the decor, how could Milly on the
earnings of a waitress afford to dine here? I asked myself. the waiter came back with our drinks,
"are you ready to order now sir"?, "yes" I replied and ordered. For appetizers I was having the crab dip -
a blend of cheeses with a jumbo lump of crab meat and crusty bread, Milly opted for a chilled
shellfish cocktail - poached shrimp, jonah crab claws, lobster and crabmeat in a remoulade sauce.
She had taste. " This is certainly a lovely place" I said to break the ice, " do you dine here
often"? "A few times a month, a lady likes to be spoilt now and again " was her reply through
that quaint smile she had. Our starters arrived. " So Bob you're here looking for your brother?,
she enquired. " Yes, I have some urgent buissness with him, I've been trying to catch up
with him for six weeks now" I replied " His friend told me he had moved here, always been one for
moving around, never liked to stay in one place too long". "And how can I help"? she asked looking
somewhat puzzled. I took a sip of my soda water and topped up her wine glass. She took a
sip and smiled at me, I felt a warmth and smiled back. "Well I just wondered if by chance you had seen
him at the cafe maybe" I paused. "He's about five foot six, athletic built with mousey
brown hair, age 31". "That describes half the males in town and passers through" she
replied through her smiling lips. "He has one distuingishing mark though, a scar from
the bridge of his nose to the left hand corner of his lips" I added as though an afterthought.
Her expression changed "no I can't say that I have" she said flatly, her face straight.
Silence took over as we finished our starters, curiosity entering my mind. The waiter
came and removed our plates, I ordered another soda water and topped up Millys wine
once more. Quickly changing the subject " So whats a pretty dame like you doing
working in a cafe "? I asked. " I like it " she said, " you meet interesting people
with tales to tell, it's friendly, the boss is good and it pays well" her smile reappeared.
"And what do you do for a living Bob"? she asked. I had expected that question to pop
up, my answer all planned, " I work in insurance" I said quickly "travel around a lot",
she seemed to accept that. The waiter appeared with our main courses, they looked
appetizing. I had ordered seared grouper with a fennal choucroute - apple smoked bacon,
fingerling potatoes and a brown butter sauce, it smelt delicious and for Milly
sauted suprem of chicken - wild mushrooms, baby potato hash and tomato confit in a
natural poultry jus, my mouth was watering. I topped Millys wine up again and took another
sip of my soda water. We then just chatted about this and that as we ate, the weather,
what we liked doing,it was quite pleasant. We finshed our meals and I poured the last
of the wine into Millys glass. The waiter came over, "would there be anything else sir "?
he asked. I looked at Milly and noticed she was starting to giggle and had a rosy
glow about her face. "Would you like anything else"? I asked her " a coffee perhaps"?
She gave a smile "no thanks" she said with a slight giggle. "I'll just have the bill please"
I said to the waiter and he picked up our plates and left. we sipped at our drinks,
the waiter arrived with the bill on a small silver platter with a couple of chocolate
mints next to it. "Thank you" I said. I looked at the bill, as I said earlier, prices
to match the decor, thank God the organization paid my buissness expenses and after all
this was buissness. I would need to call the captain later this week with a progress
report, he liked to be updated at least once a week. I wrote a cheque out and placed
it on the platter, I left no tip assuming at these prices it was inclusive, as we finished our drinks.
We got up and I helped Milly on with her cardigan, making our way out we said goodnight
to the waiter and the doorman. The night air was cool and crisp as we walked down
the steps to my car, I opened the passanger door first for Milly and again watched
her as she slipped into the seat, I smiled. I walked round, opened my own door and got in,
started the engine and headed back to Amberleaf Road the way we had came. I had already
taken a mental note of the various bars and fast food joints scattered about on the
way to the restuarant. I stole a glance at Milly, she was smiling and glowing quite
well now, must have been a good wine. Again chat was small on the way back,
it was getting late, I drew up outside Millys place at twelve thiryfive am.
"Bob I've had a really nice time tonight thank you" Milly said as I stopped the engine.
"I have too Milly, not often I get to dine with anyone so pretty" I replied and I'm
sure I seen a slight blush. I got out the car, went round and opened Millys door
for her, took her hand and helped her out. She smiled as she stood beside me and
for a moment our eyes met. "Would you like to come in for a coffee" she suddenly said.
Bob I said to myself, never mix buisness with pleasure, you know the rule. "Sorry Milly,
not tonight it's late and I have an early start in the morning, I hope you don't mind" I
replied trying not to sound disappointed. "Well maybe next time" she said and gave me a light
kiss on my cheek. I watched her as she went up the path to her door, only this time
she wasn't wiggling, it was more slinking. Damn never mix buisness with pleasure why
did I always tell myself that. I got into my car and headed back to my motel, damn
that coffee had sounded good. I drew up at the motel, went into my room, poured a whisky,
had a sip and lay down. Tomorrow was another day.

....to be continued

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PostSubject: Re: The Shadow....part5   The Shadow....part5 Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 4:09 pm

I just love your story keep that pen flowing.
Roses to you

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The Shadow....part5
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