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 The Shadow...part 4

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PostSubject: The Shadow...part 4   The Shadow...part 4 Icon_minitimeMon Aug 27, 2007 9:20 pm

The Shadow...part 4

Finding My Way About

I awoke at eight am, damn that medicine was good, I had slept all night. Getting
ready I decided it was time to make a start, but where to start, what better place
than the cafe I thought to myself. I left my room and got into my car, taking the thirty minute
drive to Dionnes I noticed nothing had changed. I drew into the parking lot at
eight-fortyfive, it must be a popular cafe, it was no quieter than yesterday. I
picked up a magazine from the pile laying on a small table at the side of the
door as you went in. A nice homely touch I guess. Sitting down at the same table
as before I placed the magazine down, noticed it's title, wildlife in a
suburban town, this weeks special feature, night predators, bats. The only
predator I was interested in was Ricardo, the Shadow. I noticed some faces that
were in the cafe yesterday, regulars maybe, interesting, this could be a good place to start.
Milly came wiggling over, a slight smile appeared on my lips, how could people look
so fresh this time in the morning? "Good morning sir" she said with a wide welcoming smile,
or was it just my imagination that it appeared wider than the day before? "Good morning"
I replied back, "Milly isn't it?, I noticed your name tag ". "Yes sir" she replied, "well
Milly you can call me Bob", "and what would you like today Bob"?, "the works please" I
replied with a grin, God how cheesey I must have sounded as I watched her wiggle away with
my order. I opened the magazine, uninterested but I was good at pretence. Milly appeared
back with my breakfast, "there you go Bob" she said, "and what brings you to town"?
Damn I wasn't expecting any questions, I had to think quick. "My brother " I replied,
"I'm trying to find my brother". Here was an opportunity. "Maybe you could help me"?,
"excuse me Bob, customers waiting" she said and off she went, yep definately a cute wiggle,
I sipped at my coffee. I could do with gaining the trust of a local. I continued eating
breakfast, every bit as good as the first one I had the day before, while browsing through the
magazine, as I said pretence was something I was good at, you had to be in my line of work.
I finished eating and flicked over a couple of pages, Milly came over "can I get you anything
else Bob"? "I'll have another coffee please" , "certainly" she she said. I noticed she wasn't
wearing any rings as she lifted my plate and walked away. I smiled. She reappered a few minutes
later with my coffee, "there you go" she said " now you said maybe I could help you"?
"yes " I replied "but I realize your busy at the moment, so how about I pick you up tonight,
say about eight thirty, maybe you could show me around, we could have dinner"? I hope I
didn't sound too forward. I looked at her waiting on her reply, seconds seemed like hours,
She smiled "I would like that" she replied and left to serve a customer that had just sat down.
I finished my coffee and closed the magazine, Milly came out of the kitchen carrying a plate,
she stopped at my table just as I stood up, handed me a slip from here notepad and said
" you'll need this", I smiled "see you at eight thirty then" I replied and left. It was ten
I decided it was time to go for a drive around town, following the road south I came to
what appeared like an estate full of warehouses and yards littered with containers, just
off a road called Goldfield avenue. I drew in and stopped my car. A few of the buildings looked
solid, heavy doors with heavy locks, while most looked run down. Broken windows, doors
hanging off their hinges, the ones that had doors that was and walls brilliantly
decorated with grafitti. Most the containers were intact with the exception of a
couple that lay open and empty. Could this be a place where a Shadow could hide
within the shadows? I noted it down in my hardback notebook that I always kept
in my glove compartment. My notebook with the dog end pages but so valuable,
it was full of notes from other cases. I started the engine up and drove out the yard,
heading west now along Chestnut Grove road for about three miles. There was nothing to
see, just lines of houses on either side, mostly painted red, well maintained, I
turned right into Sycamore Drive, who came up with these names? a question I often
asked myself. Following the road for about half a mile I noticed a street off to the left,
I swung round into it, Maple Drive it was called, it led me down to a harbour, I pulled
up to a stop, opened my glove compartment and removed my notebook once more. I scribbled
down some notes, what looked like a disused factory stood on the left surrounded by various
out buildings, also unused looking. To the right was six boat houses, two of which
were open and I could see men inside pottering with engines, sails and painting hulls.
In the harbour itself there were about thirty six boats of various kinds, nothing to large.
Would Ricardo be safe here? I placed my notebook back into the glove compartment, started the engine
and decided it was time to head back to my room. This week would be spent finding my way
around but these were places Milly wouldn't show me.I turned my radio on to the sound
of rhythm and blues, it made me smile. I arrived back at the motel four hours later,
stopped the car and got my suitcase out the trunk. My trusty tan coloured suitcase
that looked like faded crocodile skin through years of use and misuse, I keep
meaning to buy a new one but never get get round to it. I went into my room
and placed the case on my bed, sat down beside it and poured myself a whiskey
into my enamal cup that I had taken out of my luggage bag this morning for a drink
of water. The burning sensation hit me as my medicine slipped down my throat slowly.
I opened my case and carefully laid a light gray suit on the bed, followed by a crisp
white shirt and a black tie, black the only color of tie I liked and the only color
I owned, They were suitable for all occassions. Another sip of whiskey then it was
time to shower. The shower was cold but at least it worked I thought as I dried
myself with a beach towel I had brought with me, never trust motel towels was my
motto. I got ready and sat down, finishing my cup of whiskey. I lifted the
piece of notepaper from the bedside cabinet, the address Milly had given me.
136 Amberleaf road it said, I knew where it was having passed it earlier on
while finding my way around. It was about an hour and a half away,
I looked at my watch, six fortyfive and left. I arrived at Amberleaf road just
after eight twenty, it seemed a pleasant looking road, detached and semi detached
houses, well kept gardens, impressive. I drew up at 136, a semi painted pastel blue,
the garden plain but tidy, who would have thought a waitress could afford a place
like this. I tooted the horn and noticed the curtain being opened slightly, then
closed. The white glossed door opened and out stepped Milly, my jaw dropped, Milly
quaintly cute Milly by day,transformed by night, I got out the car and watched as she
came walking down the path, a red silk figure hugging dress that showed perfect
curves, highlighted her perk breasts, set off by a lace black cardigan. Stunning
was all I could think, I opened the passanger door for her and watched as she slid
onto the chair, I closed the door gently and walked round, got into my seat, closed my
door and started the engine. "You look stunning" I said, she smiled "thank you",
"where to then "? I asked, "your the guide" she smiled again and said " I
know this nice restaurant".

....to be continued

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The Shadow...part 4
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