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 Earth Force

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PostSubject: Earth Force   Sat Sep 22, 2007 3:53 am

Finally able to afford a trip to the place I have always dreamed about
High in the Andes Mountains, a place of Incan mysticism and magic, simply known as Mancu Picchu
Here i stand in a place, the ancient Inca worshipped and lived, in safety, to them in this there was no doubt
Standing here I feel forces of the earth, as they surge through my body, where they come from I haven't a clue.

No one really knows, why the Inca choose this place that seems to sit atop the world
Only myth and legend remain, to define the reason as to why it is here
It stands like a mighty fortress, with a view of everything that consisted in the Incan world
Hidden by the mountains, from the Spanish conquistadors, the Inca so feared.

Looking today, much like it did yesterday, totally in tact
It looks just like this ancient place has been abandoned, with no question asks
The ancients, that built this place, were genius, just look around, you can see that is a truthful fact
Even an ancient observatory, precise building ability, in this the Inca could rightfully bask.

Now here I stand in a place, that has been totally preserved from age, from time
Just to think, I can feel a tremendous earth force, I would guess like they much did
Here in this ancient place, that takes me back to a place as silent as a mime
If they built this place here, to hide from prying eyes, they achieved this, because from the eyes of many, this place was hid.

It is just so hard to comprehend, the ancient Inca, in their work they were so precise
These people were brilliant, just take a look around
The beauty, the serenity here, a person would be a fool, if they weren't enticed
It is really a miracle, such an in tact place, like this was ever found.

There is something very unusual here, as I feel a stronger force, running through me
A force, I call an earth force, a force in which I believe man and nature unite as one
If this is what the ancients felt, I can understand why they never wanted to flee
A place of total tranquility, after everything said, everything done.

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Tears of Roses
Tears of Roses

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PostSubject: Re: Earth Force   Sat Sep 22, 2007 10:39 am

Wonderful imagery to
Mancu Picchu
almost can feel the spiritual movements there
Roses to you

Smiles Chase away the Tears
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Earth Force
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