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 The Key

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PostSubject: The Key   The Key Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2008 7:25 am

I believe the subconscious is the infinite never dying soul
But have you ever wondered what it would be like for a free spirit to be locked within a body that possess physical challenges?
Your spirit always wanting to do something, but your body just can't comply or meet that goal?
I know the feeling, because my spirit is trapped, so each day, I must face these challenges.

My spirit will say it wants to walk or run, but trapped there is nothing that I can do
Unable to walk, that burning desire always remains within my soul
My spirit wants to be free to walk or run, but in this matter my choices are very few
They are almost null and void, as a stroke damaged my body, and I can no longer achieve these goals.

I wish I could comply, but this I can no longer obtain
Once I was just like you, but fate dealt me another hand
Trapped in a physically damaged body, there are times I feel like I am going insane
But now my legs are wheels, never again will I walk on the grass or on a beach of sand.

I do miss the things that I used to could do
But I count my blessings, I am a survivor and I am alive
I try to keep smile on my face, not to dwell in pity, that makes me so sad and blue
Each day I try to smile, as trying to deal with this way of life, I really try and strive.

But then there is my spirit, always wanting to no be confined, to be absolutely free
Within my body and mind there remains a very big struggle
Sometimes I try to talk to my soul, but sadly it never hears my plea
I try to let it know, my body is no more that way.

So until the day I die, there will be that constant struggle within me
Trying to convince my spirit that one day again it will be free
Free once again to walk and run, the way that it should be
When I die, my soul will again be free, because sadly it is death that holds the key.
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Tears of Roses
Tears of Roses

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PostSubject: Re: The Key   The Key Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 8:31 pm

So very touching Lania, a body can be broken in heart and soul and face the same struggles too.
I've learned to be thankful for life can be worst.
Roses to you sweet Lania

Smiles Chase away the Tears
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The Key
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