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 The Shadow...part6

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PostSubject: The Shadow...part6   The Shadow...part6 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 31, 2007 5:36 pm

The Shadow...part6

The Search Begins

I arose around seven fifteen, my glass of whiskey still sitting on the bedside
cabinet.I placed a piece of paper over it, got out my bed and went to the sink.
I washed and shaved, thats better I thought. I went to my suitcase and opened it,
removed my blue suit and a fresh, white shirt. Quickly I got dressed,
buttoning up my shirt, stiff at the collar and cuffs, I put my tie on. Yes
black as usual. Next I opened the zip pocket that was on the inside of the
top part of my case, I removed my shoulder holster followed by my pistol. My
trusty pistol, a Beretta 92FS ventec, a nine millimeter semi-automatic with a
stainless steel barrel and high precision sights, easy to use and deadly. It
had saved me many times. I checked it over and loaded a cartridge into the handle.
I placed it in my brown well worn shoulder holster, the inside which was rubbed
almost grey by the constant rubbing of the pistol as it was drawn then replaced.
I slipped the holster on an adjusted the straps, not only for comfort but also
not wanting any obvious bulges to show through my jacket. I slipped my jacket on,
perfect, nothing showed. I slipped my hand back into the pocket of my case
and pulled out two spare cartidges which I placed into my left hand pocket.
The last thing I took out the pocket of my case, my badge. My shiny gold badge,
the badge of the organization, emblazoned in the center with their crest, a phoenix
shooting out of flames and round the edge the words, engraved boldly, Justice
Shall Ensue. I clipped the badge to my inside jacket pocket, I was ready. I
was hungry but decided to give Dionnes cafe a miss this morning, nothing to do
with last night, I would go on my way back. I left and decided to pay the
harbour a visit again. It was a pleasant day as I made the drive, still
early so the roads were quiet, I turned into Sycamore Drive and follwed it
to the bottom then turned left into Maple Drive and continued down, drawing
to a halt at the harbour. They must be early risers here, there was at least
fifteen cars parked and four of the boat houses were open. I opened the
glove compartment and took out the small but powerfull torchlight I kept
in it. I got out my car and locked it, the smell of the harbour air hitting
my nostrils, that seaweed smell, that clears you airways, also the smell of
creosote, engine oil and parrafin.
I decided to check the abandoned factory first, no one had noticed me arriving.
Good I thought as I made my way over to the factory door. It was locked and
a heavy bolt with a large brass padlock secured it, I walked to one end of it
and found a roller door, again it was secured. I continued round the back and
found a fire escape door, it was slightly ajar, pulling at it to open further
I couldn't get it to budge. Looking around behind me I noticed a wrought iron
pole inamongst the debri, an old piece of scaffolding, I picked it up and
proceeded to wedge it between the door and the wall. I put my weight behind
it and started to push the pole, slowly the door started opening, creaking,
obviously it hadn't moved for quite some time, I managed to get enough of
a gap to squeeze through. I entered cautiously, the sun had risen quite
high outside and there was enough light coming through the windows along
the top of the walls and the perspex skylights to see my way around. I
undid my suit jacket just incase. It was a single floor factory, what
appeared to be three offices lined the back wall, possibly a canteen and
toilets to the left of them and at the other end was some kind of
storage area. In the middle of the concrete floor was a forty
foot conveyer belt flanked on either side by narrow rusty
stainless steel tables running off it, at one end was a large
hopper, nothing at the other end. I walked quietly towards the offices,
if anyone was here I didn't want them to know I was. The first door I reached said
manager on it, I drew my pistol and took the safety catch off, reached for the
door handle and turned it slowly, the door was stiff. Placing my shoulder against
it I nudged firmly, pushing it open and entered my pistol at arms lenght ready.
The office was empty except for an old office desk in the center and an old
whiteboard hanging on the wall. I kept my pistol at arms length as I left the
office, if anyone was in this place then they knew I was here now. Moving to
the second office the door was open, I followed my outstretched arms into
it. Empty, nothing but old newspapers on the floor, stained yellow with age.
The last office, canteen and toilets also turned up blank. That left the
storage area. Moving quickly towards the far end of the factory I heard
the clatter of something dropping. I stopped, looked around and saw nothing.
Fully alert I continued until I reached the storage area, I eased my way into it.
Old crates were stacked up on top of each other, a few lay loose on the ground.
Empty cartons lay in one corner, deteriorating. I heard a scuffling sound from behind
the crates, pointed my pistol and inched my way up to the side of them. I swung round
quickly taking aim when suddenly a crate fell and this large ferox cat let out a spitting wail,
jumped down and ran. Silence once more. That was the only sign of life in here. I slipped
my pistol back into my holster and buttoned up my jacket.
Making my way out, the sun was full up now and very warm as I walked back round to
the front of the building. Walking towards my car I heard a voice shouting "hey there
mister" I turned to my left and saw this man waving as he came walking towards me,
tall, about five foot eleven, heavy built, sandy colored hair and moustache. He
was wearing green cordouroys, boots and a brown shirt. He stoppe about two foot infront
of me and gave me the once over, "That building's private property" he said "what were
you doing in there"? he asked suspiciously. He must have spotted me coming out.
"Yes I know" I replied, "my name is Bob Skinner and I work for an insurance agency"
He looked puzzled. "What are they going tear it down then at last" he said "it's
an eyesore along with those other buildings". "I am not at liberty to divulge that
information" I cut him short said excuse me and got in my car. I started the engine
and drove out of the harbour and headed to the cafe. I arrived about an hour later
and walked in. Milly looked over and smiled, I smiled back and sat down. She came
over for my order "thank you for last night again Bob" she said " it was my pleasure
Milly, thank you". "What would you like to eat"? she asked, I opted for rib eye steak
medium rare, fries, onion rings and mushrooms and of course coffee. Watching her wiggle
away for my order I thought about last night, the transformation. She reappeared five
minutes later with my meal, "Bob" she said as she placed my plate on the table, "I was
thinking I really would like to repay you for dinner last night and wondered if you
would like to come over tomorrow for a meal"? I looked at her, so inviting. "Yes
that would be nice, I'd like that" she smiled as I answered, "say seven thirty" she
said before walking back into the kitchen. I ate my meal and drank my coffee, got up
and left. Never mix buisness with pleasure rang through my head, but damn, there
was something about her. I headed back to my motel.

to be continued

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PostSubject: Re: The Shadow...part6   The Shadow...part6 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2007 11:18 pm

I have so enjoyed reading all of these
looking forward to many more
Hugs and Roses to you James

Smiles Chase away the Tears
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The Shadow...part6
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